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Retrieve Credit Card Type of Payment Profile using CIM



For our own accounting purposes, it is necessary for us to know the type of card that was used for each transaction on our site. However, I cannot find any way to retrieve the credit card type of an associated customer payment profile using CIM. 


Is there a way to get this information without having to create a lookup table in our database to store it locally every time a payment profile is created or updated?


Thanks in advance for your help.


Currently the card type is only returned with transaction responses, such as those that are included in the createCustomerProfileTransactionResponse. The addition of the card type was only recently added to the transaction response and well after the release of the CIM API thus it is not included in functions that do not include a transaction response. I have noted your request for the card type to be added to other function responses and have been advised that the request has been placed in the backlog within the group which maintains the CIM feature code. I cannot provide an ETA on when it will be made available however, when it is, an announcement will be placed in the News and Announcements section of this forum.



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Similar to the original poster we are in need of retrieving the credit card type for accounting purposes. Was wondering if there had been any updates to the CIM process that allowed this now.




No, this particular feature has not yet been added to CIM. For now, it is recommended that you store the card type when the profile is created.  A workaround would be to run a testMode validation on the profile and check the card type that is returned in the response.

Is there any update to CIM API that will give us the Credit Card Type.

The posted notes was that it is in development and hasn't been released as of May 2011. Do you know if this feature has been released now (Dec 2012).



Yes, I would like an update on this as well please.  I'm running into the same problem, none of the mentioned workarounds produce a credit card type for me (or at least I can't find an exposed property on any of the responses or such that include a credit card type).


Kind of ridiculous IMO that there is no direct method for retrieving a credit card type once the payment profile is stored.


I would like this information retrievable also.



Holy crap! I just noticed the dates on these original requests. People were asking about this over 2 years ago and it was placed in some backlog and still has not been implemented? What is taking so long???

I'm using the following approach to retriving Card Type. Looks like it may be helpful in this thread.


$request = new AuthorizeNetTD;
$response = $request->getTransactionDetails($authcode);
$response_cardtype = $response->xml->transaction->payment->creditCard->cardType;

While I realize this is an old post I still wanted to update.

This feature should absolutely have been in our Customer API from the start. The good news is we're implementing the functionality right now and it should be available in an upcoming release. While I can't give you definitive dates I can say we'really talking about weeks away, not months or years.

Thanks for the feedback,


I do see getCardType() and setCardType() methods in the CreditCardMaskedType class, however the getCardType() seems to return nothing. Are these placeholders / not implemented? What happens if one passes a value to the setCardType() method?

I am unable to get CVV number form GetCustomerPaymentProfile method.
Can anyone help me ?