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Retrieve ProfileId for Existing CIM Transaction

Hi everyone,


I am attempting to update some legacy code and add refund capabilities for CIM transactions. The issue that I am running into is that the old code only stored the TransactionId and PaymentProfileId for the transaction, while requires the ProfileId in addition.


Is there a way that I can programmatically retrieve the ProfileId for a TransactionId or a PaymentProfileId? It would be nice if I could write a quick script that would simply update all of these transactions, but I'm not sure if this exists.


Any help is appreciated.

Thank you!


The only way is to loop thru all the customer profiles and see if the payment profile id is one of their.


use the getCustomerProfileIds to get all ids

then for each ids use getCustomerProfile which will give you all their payment profiles


Thanks for the help. May not be the best from a performance standpoint, but at least the possibility exists. :smileyhappy:

Thanks again!


Actually, will that method return profile ids that have been deleted? We would need to also store all of the profile IDs for customers who don't exist anymore as well.

I just verified that this method only returns ACTIVE ProfileIds. Is there a way to output a list of transactions along with their profileIds so I can do some matching for backwards compatability? I have thousands of records that have since been removed from for which I will need to support refunds.


Thanks for the help.

If their profile are removed, the only other way is to use something like AIM to do a refund.

here is the AIM min required fields