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SAP ERP Integrate with

Hello All,


I'm facing probelm to integrate SAP to interface


Purpose: Interface for “Payment Transaction”


Two options:


Option 1


According to link you provided in the site:


this is xsd file and we weren’t able to create webservice - we need WSDL file ??- because we need this file to generate consumer serivce 

Are there any tutrial that support interface with SAP ERP ?

Could you supply WSDL file for this xsd? 


Option 2

Another way we found the following link about Implementing: Customer Information Manager (CIM)

The Schema in this case:

But we are facing the error

When calling method: create_customer_profile 

Exception message: SOAP:1001 CX_ST_SWITCH_NO_CASE:XSLT exception.Unexpected Case in Branch 


The excption occured when we append line to payment table in request:

      DATAls_input  TYPE zsd_cccreate_customer_profile5.
      DATAls_output TYPE zsd_cccreate_customer_profile4.
      ls_input-merchant_authentication-name 'xxxx'.

      ls_input-merchant_authentication-transaction_key = 'yyyy'.
      DATAls_payment TYPE zsd_cccustomer_payment_profile.
      CLEAR ls_payment.
      ls_payment-base-customer_type 'individual'.
      ls_payment-base-bill_to-base-first_name 'firstname'.
      ls_payment-base-bill_to-base-last_name 'lastname'.
      ls_payment-payment-choice-selection 'CreditCardSimpleType'.
      ls_payment-payment-choice-credit_card-base-card_number '4007000000027'.
      ls_payment-payment-choice-credit_card-base-expiration_date '202002'.
      ls_payment-payment-choice-credit_card-card_code '900'.
      APPEND ls_payment TO ls_input-profile-payment_profiles-customer_payment_profile_type.
      ls_input-validation_mode 'liveMode'."liveMode testMode

          input  ls_input
          output ls_output





Hello @jyoussef 


Our SOAP API is now deprecated and we don't recommend building new integrations with it.  Instead, use the Authorize.Net API.



Administrator Administrator

Hi @RichardH 


Thanks for your reply.



In order to use this API, I need the schema as WSDL

I tried to used convereter from XSD to WSDL but SAP standard tool wasn't able to process this file in order to create the consumer service!

could you provide schema as WSDL file?



About SOAP API "deprecated" could you elaborate that.

I overcame the problem that I had and I was able to create cutomer and payment.

could you clairy what are the risks of using SOAP API ?


Thank you!


Hello @jyoussef 


Please review the information on our upgrade guide:



Thanks @RichardH 


so you recomended us to use the updated API on the site,

Could you direct us to other link/file saved as WSDL and not XSD?


Link from site-


We need the WSDL.


Thank you!

@jyoussef wrote:

Hello All,


I'm facing probelm to integrate SAP to interface


Purpose: Interface for “Payment Transaction”


I have also faced the same issue. Can anyone help me?


Hello James,


I have good process by calling JSON from ABAP

Try to use the following classes to call JSON from SAP.


DATAclient    TYPE REF TO if_http_client.
DATAgcl_response TYPE REF TO if_http_response.


Good Luck! 

can anyone help me out on this?



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