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SDK API Doc vs Samples

The API documentation for the .NET SDK states that an AuthorizationRequest object is "A request that authorizes a transaction, no capture."  However, the sample application shows the AuthorizationRequest class as the only request being sent to the gateway.


Which is correct, the samples or the documentation?  Does the AuthorizationRequest class to an AUTH_CAPTURE transaction?


Hey jmorrison,


It looks like our documentation is incorrect on that one. We'll add this to our list of things to get updated.
Just some info though, the AuthorizationRequest will do a capture by default -- but you can override that by passing in a boolean parameter that turns the capture part off, making it so you just run an auth.





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Just starting and looking at the sample code.

It has 

var request = new AuthorizationRequest("4111111111111111", "1216", 10.00M,
"Test Transaction"); I understand it Authorizes and Captures.

To Authorize ONLY one would add "false" as a last parameter.


var request = new AuthorizationRequest("4111111111111111", "1216", 10.00M,"Test Transaction", false);


What do you use in the API to call Prior Authorization and Capture -- could not find in the samples or docs.

Try the CaptureRequest.


var request = new CaptureRequest();


I forget what the constructor parameters are.

Hi emstreet,


Did you find a solution for that?

I couldn't find a proper class in the SDK for NCP Prior Authorization and Capture.





Hi Al, To meet PCI Compliance standards i am not saving card data on local db. I created card on AuthorizeNet servers and i have CardID returned from API. I need to Authorize a transaction but AuthorizeNet Authorization class demands following parameters:

Dim Obj as new AuthorizeNet.AuthorizationRequest(CardNumber, ExpMonthYear, Amount, Description, IncludeCapture)


I don't have credit card number and Expiry date saved and when i use to get a card it returns only last 4 digits of card number what to do?please help me out , how can i authorize a transaction without using card number and expiry?


Reply ASAP.