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SIM Integration Relay Response Script Timing Out Error

Hey Folks,


I've got a very tough issue here.


We're using the SIM Integration method, and we've got a relay response page.


We're processing several thousand transactions a day, and the vast majority of them ARE successful, so I'm fairly certain this is not a configuration issue.


HOWEVER, every so often we get a transaction that clears successfully on, but the order doesn't show up recorded in our system. Then we get the e-mail from saying "Your script timed out while we were trying to post transaction results to it. "


I can see the request to our relay response page in my access logs, so I know the request was made. Also, there is NO corresponding error in my error logs at that timestamp, so I know the page loaded.


For some reason, it seems that's servers are having to wait more than 10 seconds (the timeout window according to the documentation) for our page to come back. There are no complex scripts on our relay response page, it's generated instantly. And, as I said above, this setup works the majority of the time.


So here's the question: how can I avoid this? Why is the timeout window so small? And if this happens, what's best-practice for recovering from it?


I wish I could talk to an actual engineer about it on the phone, but all I ever get are sales folks who direct me here to the message boards. :)


Thanks in advance for any advice...


Hello @whiskeyseven 


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Administrator Administrator

I'm having the same issue with a website that's been launched for over a year now. This just suddenly started at the beginning of last month. Help!

Are there any additional details to help us troubleshoot with you?  For example, are you using HTTPS or HTTP?



Hey Richard,


We're also experiencing this exact same issue. We're using HTTPS. I know you guys are working on something dealing with SHA-2 certificates but that is not something we use. According to our logs the request never seems to make it to our servers. I tried submitting a request to your developer support about this but only got a really vauge response saying "It is some issue on your end". I was hoping that someone would be able to provide some more detailed troubleshooting tips. Also would it be possible to create a ticket to see if Authorize can actually successfully hit our servers?

Hello niroshan:


Do you see the same behavior when testing in the sandbox?



The last time we tested in the sandbox was over a year ago and had no issues. The thing with this issue is that it seems to happen to only 5% of our transactions. Currently we're testing this on the production instance running on test mode. Are there any other fixes that are on the sandbox (besides the SHA-2 certificate fix) that the production instance didn't have? The reason we're using the production instance on test mode is to mimic the real this as closely as possible. Its a little tricky for us to reproduce this since it happens only 5% of the time. 


Would it help in any way if I gave you guys a few transaction Ids that cleared Authorize but never made their way to our servers?



Yes, please use the form at  to provide some recent transactions where the relay response timed out.


Also, when you use Test Mode in production, the system only confirms that the API Login and Transaction Key are correct and returns OK.  Because no actual processing occurs and the transaction is not stored, you should not use Test Mode in production for anything other than to confirm your API Login and Transaction Key are valid.



Hey Richard,


So we've tested this out using test mode just to see if there was any network issues. We enabled logging on our firewall to ensure it wasn't some network issue on our end. We did well over 100+ transactions today in test mode over the span of an hour and it seems like all of them had made it through. 


 Would testing on the sandbox be any different? I know you mentioned that test mode is only useful for confirming the API login and transaction key but would the sandbox do anything different than test mode? Would it more closely mimic the production instance workflow? Our would we be stuck having to use the production instance (and make something like 1 cent payments)?


Now I did submit some example transactions that we got from our clients using the support form and we're kind of just waiting on a response. Would you be able to give an estimate as to how long it will take to get a response?

Same problem here. It look like the transaction does not even get to our server.


And it looks like we have the same problem at the same time, transactions were working fine until nearly 10 days.


According to documentation one of the thing that can cause the problem could be SSL. So this should work.


PKCS #1 SHA-1 With RSA Encryption
we carry two fingerprints in the cert, sha1 and sha256


The timout message looks weird to me. When testing, we don't get 10s before gives us the timeout message. The displaying of the message is instantaneus. So either the timout is not 10s but 10ms, either it is NOT a timeout issue.