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SIM: Is the Authorize.Net Hosted Order Page Responsive to Mobile Devices ?

I have implemented the Hosted Order Page from Auth.Net on my site and am seeing that it is not responsive to Mobile Devices ? Is this feature not supported  or can it be configured to be responsive ? 


not responsive as in can't submit? not sure what do you mean by "not responsive"

If you are using SIM, you could just change it to DPM, which you can make it anyway you want.


The hosted order page is currently not "responsive" in the sense that it doesn't dynamically adjust to mobile device screen sizes.


This is a common request and we have it on our enhancement list.  However, I don't have any information on when this might be available.


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Submitting Transactions -> Customizing the Hosted Payment Form -> Using a Cascading Style Sheet


With the above Information , i was able to get the Auth.Net Hosted Order Page to render perfectly in mobile device.


Added the following to the Payment Form - Header in Auth.Net


<style type='text/css'>.PageOuter {width:100%;} .Page {width:90%;}</style>

Just adding to the list that this would be a nice feature to have, especially now that it's 2016 and mobile friendly websites should be the norm. Seems the easiest way would be to add a new parameter that can be set (e.g. x_mobile_friendly) so backwards compatibility can be maintained.


You could use DPM and do your own page. then it can be anything you want.

DPM then makes your site SAQ A-EP because the form is still served from your server. This is the new change in PCI DSS 3.0 introduced in January 2015, and that has much stricter requirements than SAQ A.

Then not much

"are supported but no longer actively maintained or enhanced"

We are still facing the issue, kindly let us know if there is something that could be changed to get mobile version of payment page. Non responsive payment page is annoying the customers as they have to zoom in to enter the payment details. Any response would be much appreciated.





You have a few options. The one most like SIM is probably Accept Hosted - A hosted form in a redirect or iframe that's mobile responsive.


The better option in my view is Accept.js with the hosted form option - calls the payment form from a javascript on your site.


Use Accept Hosted or Accept.js with the Authorize.Net hosted form option for SAQ A. Use Accept.js with your own form for SAQ A-EP