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SIM Payment Form Time out notification

We are have recently switched from DPM to the SIM method.  Our system is set up to use the Relay Response for returning transactions, rather than the AdN Receipt Page.  

We are concerned with failures in the return response after a user successfully pays at AdN (i.e.: a user successfully pays at AdN, but the connection back to our web site fails for some reason). So, as a precaution, we have our own internal time out.  Our system starts a timer when we send a user over to the AdN payment form.  Since the AdN payment form times the user out after 60 minutes, we time the user out in our system at 61 minutes. If we reach 61 minutes, we send our business office an email stating that the user timed out.  The business office can then log into the merchant interface and our DB and see if the user paid AdN but not in our system.

This process works, but the business is getting several false emails, because if the user gets to the AdN payment form then walks away from their screen, our system has no idea what happened and still sends the time out email to our business unit.

So my question is, how can we handle this more gracefully?  

I see there is a “Response Reason Code” 46.  The message is “Your session has expired or does not exist. You must log in to continue working.”  Is this a message sent in the Relay Response?  If so, maybe we could monitor for that message.




Hello @galvi024


If you are submitting a unique invoice number with each transaction, you might consider using getUnsettledTransactionListRequest and look for the invoice in question.  You can then get more details using the transaction id.



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