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SIM Relay Response Redirect results in a 404 error


I have integrated using SIM.


I have enabled Relay Response.


In my web architecture, I have two web applications.  My main business application, and a middle-ware web application to support the payment integration between the biz app and the gateway.


When I complete a payment on the hosted payment page, the Relay Response posts to the Relay Response URL on my web application just fine.


The final step on the Relay Response URL page is to redirect back to my biz app page.  For some reason this fails with a 404 error, and in the browser address field the Payment Gateway URL is displayed.


The code is simply Response.Redirect(url here) in (  The literal URL for the redirect works just fine if I paste it into my browser in the public internet, so it's not a URL issue.  I can't see a reason for the 404 unless the gateway is refusing to redirect to my page or can't for some reason.


Any ideas what could be causing this?


Thank you.  I am now following that thread.


Also, a BIG thank you to Raynor Clement for all the help you have provided to me.  I would not have been able to get through my implementation without your assistance.  I truly appreciate your time and patience.  Thank you.