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SIM Relay Response Timeout

I am encoutering an issue in which a user receives a timeout error about 1 out of 10 transactions.   The response form only returns a simple html page with success or failure message.  There are no links to javacsript/css/images in the response page.   I checked the server logs and there isn't any record in the apache logs of an attempted post request.   I have tried processing credit card transactions myself on the live site and get a response from 1-2 seconds.


I looked through knowledge base and made some changes based on suggestions but still receiving the occasional timeout error.


Any suggestion?  Maybe Apache/PHP post settings for faster response?







Has anyone heard anything else about this problem.  Our store site is setup as a subdomain:, if that means anything (a previous comment mentioned that).


Our last problem our was on the first of January, but we've only had two orders since then (both on the fourth).  The two on the fourth went through fine but two orders that came through on the first both received the timeout error message.  I've been trying to figure this whole thing out but I don't really understand much of the credit processor side of store functions.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Hey everyone,


We recently deployed a fix that should resolve the issues you've been seeing. Please check your systems and see if there has been any reduction in the number of timeouts and let us know what you're seeing.





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Hi Michelle, 


We have been dealing with this issue for the last month.


Today (1/7) I received 3 timeout errors out of 5 tries  using a testing account. Are the new changes only applicable to ilve accounts or can we expect that the change did not resolve the problem.


I am ecstatic that someone is working on the problem!



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Hi Fireflyllc.  Please verify this against your production account.  The fix may or may not apply to testing accounts and we would like to confirm your production account is working correctly.  Thanks.

I haven't had a timeout in over a week. I haven't experienced them with the regularity some others have reported though (I have a .com domain, if that is of any relevance).

I am delighted and grateful to see authnet finally reporting here of their efforts to find a solution! Hopefully this problem will now be a thing of the past. :)

Michelle -- no timeout errors for me in more than two weeks.  So far, it appears the problem has been fixed.  Thanks!



Glad to hear it! :smileyhappy:

I gotta say that I am so badly disappointed with both help desk and gateway in general. All I can say: it sux, it can't be compared to PayPal's ease of use and 2CO's simplicity. I'm pulling my hair off for the past couple of days regarding that timeout issue, I've searched each and every corner of an internet by trying to find a decent explanation but all I have is big ZERO. Support staff is obviously striking for some reason, my client is sqeezing me like a lemon, etc, etc. And the award goes to

I just can't believe someone from the crew is unable to provide a decent and stabile solution to developers.

The only thing I can say is I'll give up this misterious functionality gateway called no matter the money I'm about to lose. One day, when it gets matured, I'll be back. But an experience I had shall never be forgotten.


I have just started seeing this happen consistently with one of my clients.  It is not with just the 1st transaction of the day, hour, etc.  It is every single transaction.


I know that authorize is in contact with my file because all of the udpates occur and e-mails are sent.  It just doesn't display the page to the end user.

The fact that the page doesn't display is most likely the cause for the timeout. A SIM timeout isn't indicative of the transaction result or your ability to process a transaction successfully. A timeout occurs when the response is sent from Authorize.Net to your Relay Response URL but your Relay Response URL is unresponsive for some reason, the specific cause unknown to Authorize.Net. They are generally caused by simple things, such as using a URL that isn't publically accessible or which exists behind a firewall that blocks the connection or password protecting the page. It can also be caused by changing the URL path name in any way but not updating your Authorize.Net Account settings to reflect the new Relay Response/Receipt URL. The isn't a small and defined list of what can cause a timeout error, virtually anything from your ISP to your webhost to your server settings outside of your Authorize.Net account could contribute to this error. This thread is mainly discussing an issue that was occurring system wide and which Authorize.Net has since corrected. The timeout error you are seeing is not system wide. It is occurring with a single merchant consistently, which indicates that the issue is isolated with their server, their Relay URL page or their Account settings. If you are still seeing timeout errors I would suggest that you start by suggesting that the merchant check their Account settings to verify that the proper URL's are listed as Response/Receipt URL's. If it is, check the common causes that I've mentioned above, as they cause my guessimation of 99% of timeout errors.


I hope this information is helpful to you.



Thank you,



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