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SIM and x_reversal

I am an e-commerce user of SIM. The new requirements seem to imply that I will need to provide a way for custoomers to reverse an unsettled transaction using the interface. Currently this is done via email or phone and I log into the interface and process a VOID. (For my business it is also extremely rare, usually for duplicate orders). The SIM guide has references in the error messages to x_reversal. But up front it says quite clearly that SIM does not support reversals. Does the interface have a feature for reversal that is just not been put into the guide, is it something planned? And meanwhile what do I do about automatied reversals, if anything?


Thanks very much

Jonathan Campbell


Hi Jonathan,


Any follow-on transactions, such as void, credit or prior auth capture transactions, cannot be processed using the Authorize.Net hosted payment form. For this reason, you can implement an AIM server-to-server integration for follow-on transactions that may be needed via API.



Thank you,



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Trusted Contributor