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SIM delay processing

I have a client that is using SIM and is running into an issue with their bank processing. Some of my client's users have multiple accounts on their system (husband & wife). In this scenario, the wife will log into her account and renew her membership, which processes fine. Next she logs out and logs in under her husbands account and renews his membership using the same card. This appears to process fine and no warning messages are received.


However, when my client goes to reconcile their account, their bank is only showing the first transaction. In discussions with their bank, the bank said that the reason for this is that the amount of time between payment requests was too short, so the bank is treating it as a duplicate payment request (even though 2 unique invoice numbers are being passed to


I have been told that there is a way to slow down the amount of time that will send the request to the bank, but I am not sure what option that I should use for this. I found the x_duplicate_window setting, but I am not sure if this is what I should be using. If it is, should I be setting the value to a higher number or lower? If I set it higher, will the 2nd transaction fail if submitted in less time than the x_duplicate_window value or does this only apply to sending the transaction to the bank?


First check the merchant account to see if there is 2 transactions or 1. and if they both approved.


Ask the bank how much is the time for their duplicate rejection then put the in as the x_duplicate_windows.



Ask the bank how much is the time for their duplicate rejection then put the in as the x_duplicate_windows.

That not it, if the invoice# is different will see it as a different transaction. You will need to get your client to talk to their bank to see what can be done. what info are the getting? do they not getting the different invoice#?


I checked with my client and they say that the second order is authorized in their merchant account with From what I am gathering from the client, when the bank receives the second request, they are seeing it as the same transaction, so they return the same transaction number as the first transaction. So when my client tries to reconcile between their transactions and their bank transactions, the bank is one transaction short.


The bank told my client that they need to slow down the trnasaction requests. They said they it should be no less than 2-3 minutes between requests, but that they would prefer a day (sounds like my cable company's service tech window). WorldPay is their processor, so I am not sure if the issue lies with or with the processor or the bank. have no way to "slow" it down. Ask the bank what fields are they using to find duplicate transactions(hopefully is not just the CC#), then see if you(the site), and then is passing those unique fields.


If you can see the transactions with different transactionID in a.Net merchant account, then the issue probably not

I checked the transactions and they do indeed each have a unique invoice number assigned to them. Do you know if sends this to the processor or do they send just the CC info and charge amount? My client is checking with their bank to see if they are receiving the unique invoice number with the transaction request.

I don't know the answer to that. Might need to call support to see what info are sending to the merchant bank.