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SIM form Receipt Url Will not Delete



I am helping someone with a SIM integration. They have issues with their return from the payment form that I have tracked down to both the receipt page and the response relay page having values in the merchant interface. The relay page url can be deleted, but the receipt page url cannot. The client wishes to use the relay response url.


As I understand it, as long as the receipt url is in the interface we cannot have an error free relay response. Can anyone chime in on why the receipt page url is impossible to delete in the merchant interface? On the phone waiting for the anet customer service people now. I have tried every combination of deleting both, leaving one in and deleting the other, etc. There is no way to get rid of the receipt url, and the client cannot do this either, so it is not a privilege issue. 

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To clarify,


All other urls in the list have been deleted. I need the one next to "edit" for receipt url to be deleted. I I have been backspacing but it comes back from the dead after I click submit. 

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