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SIM method but 33 credit card error

I am using sandbox while my is set-up.  I grabbed the sample code and webpages which worked great.


Then I started modifying the code and then received the 33 missing credit card error.


What would typically cause this 33 error on SIM?




Here is the exact error message.


Response Reason Code: 33


Response Reason Text: FIELD cannot be left blank.


Integration Team Suggestions: The FIELD is set as Required in the Merchant Interface and the FIELD is not being sent to the gateway. To change the FIELD value to NOT REQUIRED: Login to the Merchant Interface ( ), click on Settings and Profile -> Payment Form -> Form Fields and uncheck the Required box for the particular FIELD.


Other Suggestions: The word FIELD will be replaced by an actual field name. This error indicates that a field the merchant specified as required was not filled in.



Administrator Administrator

Hi RichardH.  Thanks for responding.


I fixed it by starting from scratch and re-using the sample code.  I am using the sandbox and I made no adjustment to the sandbox profile.


I'm sure it was a coding error but still don't know what line was causing the problem.


Hopefully, once I receive my real merchant account and I upload my current code, I won't receive the 33 error.