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Sample code for PHP not available or doesn't match SDK

I'm new to Authorize.Net and trying to get the Direct Post Method working (at least that's what I'm starting with).


So I made a Sandbox account and downloaded the SDK. Then I tried to download some sample code from this page:


But I get a 404 - Page not found error.


After looking around some more I found this page:


That page contains code that should get me going in 15 minutes. Unfortunately the sample code provided there doesn't work. It contains a line saying:


require_once 'anet_php_sdk/AuthorizeNet.php';// The SDK


But the SDK doesn't include a file called AuthorizeNet.php


I tried substituting AuthorizeNetDPM.php but that just gives errors about other pages that are not found.


Where can I get an actual, working example of the DPM process?





Where did you download the sdk from?

It should be from

they have a different readme file