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Sandbox Accept Hosted working?

I'm in the middle of testing, and suddenly I'm getting an almost empty payment page - just has the start of the two pay/cancel buttons with nothing else. I thought that I had put everything back to my 'working well' state, but things aren't working. The phplog looks normal, I get a token back... is something going on?

Hate to bother you all if it's my fault... but hate go crazy here looking if it is a sandbox problem.



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Found the error: 

What was causing the "...An unanticipated error occurred while processing..." problem was that I had set the "hostedPaymentReturnOptions" to a filename plus GET variables. So, setting the cancelUrl to file.php?msg=1  was ok, but setting it to file.php?msg=1&id=5 made it die.  I still obtained the token just fine, but when going to the payment page it errored, without a meaningful message.

Thanks for your help.  Moving on with testing...


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Hi dbr11, 


We just reset our cache for this issue. Can you confirm if you are still seeing this behavior and, if so, provide further details about what you are sending and seeing? 


Thank you,


Moderator Moderator

I've cleared cache, and I'm still seeing this problem. I'm using a slightly customized version of your sample php code for getAnAcceptPaymentPage. I'm not sure exactly how/what to get to show you what I'm sending. I am successfully getting a token back. The form goes to the sandbox endpoint and has a hidden field (name=token) with the token value.

The resulting payment page has "Order Summary" at the top, and below it a blue box and a white outlined box, neither of which has text.

This happens in Chrome and Mozilla.

What else can I give you that would be helpful?

Can you check it again in the sandbox and if seeing same issue provide a screenshot ?



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Are you currently using a Sandbox account? If so, this fix will not be in place until we have tested and released is early next week. 


If you are using a Production account and still seeing this, that would be unusual and I would recommend that you email details to as we will need to ask you for data I do not want you to post in a public forum. 


Thank you,


I'm only using Sandbox. (Production is still old SIM method.)


Here is the screenshot: 




Thanks for the clarification dbr11. 


This is expected in Sandbox currently. We expect a fix to be released by early next week. 




I've been checking to see if this issue has been resolved yet. But now I get the following:


An unanticipated error occurred while processing this request. Please click your browser’s Back button to return to the previous page.


What is the status of this issue?

Thank you.



I'm still getting this error.. Is this a known problem or am I doing something wrong?

I thought that if I'm getting a token returned then it should be set up properly to then get the payment page.

Please help!!  Thanks.


Hi @dbr11


Can you provide more details on the error  you seeing ?


Also have you seen our Accept Sample app on github



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