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I spent hours testing a new implementation of Accept Hosted which had worked in the Sandbox, but wasn't working in Production. I was having trouble with my webhook listener. It was looking like a no-op- nothing done, nothing in the log. (Except for o...
I can't get a credit card to fail. I pre-populate the billing address/info, but when I write over it on the payment form to enter a failing zip code, the new info is ignored. All new info is ignored - name, address, etc. The receipt page shows only t...
I'm in the middle of testing, and suddenly I'm getting an almost empty payment page - just has the start of the two pay/cancel buttons with nothing else. I thought that I had put everything back to my 'working well' state, but things aren't working. ...
On a post in May you said that the next release should have webhooks returning refId directly so that we don't have to go find it with another API call for the transaction details.Any idea when this might happen?
I am switching from SIM (and Silent URL) to Accepted Host (and Webhooks), using the Authorize hosted payment page. I do not want to use a payment form on our own domain, if possible. The Silent URL returned many custom fields about the transaction, b...
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