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Sandbox Transaction Details API Not Returning Transactions

I'm using the Ruby library to try and get the transaction history for either a customer or an ARB subscription.

I've tried using ARBGetSubscriptionRequest and GetTransactionListForCustomerRequest in both cases no transaction data is coming back.


I confirmed the Transaction Details API is enabled.


The transactions are reported in the UI:

Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 1.54.14 AM.png


Here's a code sample:


transaction =, transaction_key, gateway: 'sandbox')

request =
request.customerProfileId = '1505270746'
response = transaction.get_transaction_list_for_customer(request)

=> nil


request =
request.subscriptionId = '5341988'
response = transaction.arb_get_subscription_request(request)

=> nil

Hi @MonthlyStash


Are these transaction done as part of ARB ? If so you will not see the transaction in the  GetTransactionListForCustomerRequest call, in the  GetTransactionListForCustomerRequest  you only see the transcations exclusively charged against the customer profile.

You will be able to get these transaction in the ARBGetSubscriptionRequest response. But as I cann see you are not getting these transaction, I believe you might have missed to set the flag includeTransactions as true, and hence you are not getting any transactions in response.


You need to add something like to your ARBGetSubscriptionRequest


    request.includeTransactions = true


Happy Coding !


Authorize.Net Expert Authorize.Net Expert
Authorize.Net Expert

Is there a way to pull all the transactions for a customerProfileId or merchantCustomerId?