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Sharing a Credit Card across multiple merchant accounts options?

Hello, our business is selling parking products across different merchant accounts, where each of these businesses will have its own Merchant account.

We would like the user to only have to save their credit card once and use it with many merchants. I notice there are other threads in regards to this use case and the responses refer to Shared CIM profiles ( vault )  feature, although I can not find additional information about it.

Would you be able to provide additional resources on how to utilize the Shared CIM profiles (vault) functionality?

Thank you 




Is it possible to use a single payment gateway for multiple merchant accounts? It is possible. As a matter of fact, some gateway providers love recommending this option to merchants because it helps to evenly distribute their risk.

If you are interested in single payment gateway multiple merchant accounts, there are several gateway service providers that can act as intermediaries and run different merchant accounts for you through a single payment gateway.