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Silent Post to Salesforce

We are attempting to use the Silent Post URL to post to an apex REST on Salesforce. 


We can test from the workbench and other third party sites and our REST code works. But we're not getting anything from Authorize. Unfortunately there is no log file in Salesforce to see specific IP addresses attempting to hit the code. Authorize says there is no log on their end to confirm they are even making attempts. support has given us different answers, has told me there is no documentation, and there is no one they can escalate to for a phone conversation!


Is there a way to test Silent Post to confirm it is working? Is there documentation? 


Hello @techbridge


Is your silent post url is publicly available (no login required) and on a standard port 80 or 443?  This is the most common reason why silent post fails.



Administrator Administrator

thanks for your answer i was also having the same kind of problem which is resolved now im really thankful for your advise devops solution