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Simple ARB Question



When I go live with a membership site I just want to confirm that if I set the membership to start on the day of purchase, for let's say $30/m, that the ARB can take the $30 payment that day instead of having to use AIM to validate the card/charge it and then set the subscription to loop starting a month later (which I was originally doing when developing this one website)


Before we go live, I just wanted to confirm if I could just skip AIM and create the subscription, charge $30/m that day by only using ARB payment meethod, while setting it to loop every other month as well.





From the documentation

Notes: The date entered must be greater than or equal to the date the subscription
was created.
The validation checks against local server date, which is Mountain Time. An error
might possibly occur if you try to submit a subscription from a time zone where the
resulting date is different; for example, if you are in the Pacific time zone and try to
submit a subscription between 11:00 PM and midnight, with a start date set for today.
If the start date is the 31st, and the interval ismonthly, the billing date is the last day of
each month (even when the month does not have 31 days).


So, yes you can start the same day, but it only schedule to run between 11pm to midnight. And you don't need AIM to validate the card/charge, you just won't know if it is an invalid card until the schedue run time. And if it is invalid will just suspended that ARB.


So basically I can start a subscription that day, charge $30 from that day, set it to bill monthly, all with ARB, not AIM, but the physical act of charging/taking the money won't take place til 11 PM that day. That should be fine because f they log in the next day and it's not a valid charge through, they would be locked out.


Thanks for the clarification.

As I understand it you can but I dont think they will be charged at that time, and you dont know if they wll be approved. With the AIM you will get and immediate response if the members to immediate access.  I use the AIM for all charges I need immdiate approval for