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What is the current status of using the .net Authorize NuGet api with a .NEt core 2 or standard library project. I does give me the yellow exclamation of an issue. I see comments but it is unclear to me where it currently stands. Thanks
In using the .NET compiled .dll from NuGet it seems the endpoint is hard coded in. Is there a method to passin the endpoint? Such as from an appsettings key? Thx
Is there a detailed guide for the API changes? I see that Hosted CIM is beging deprecated. It refers to use Accep Customer. I took on a client that is using the CIM and we make transaction calls against it. What is being affected. Thanks for any help
I am calling the CIM in the sandbox and I keep getting the E00007 Authentication error. I creating a profile. I have generated a new key . What am I forgetting?? .NET XML API
I think this may have been answered already but I couldn't find it. How do I config it to universally use one or the other URL's . for sandbox testing or live? The URL seems to be hard coded in the compiled DLL. Is there an overide to change the URL?...
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