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Simple Checkout form - Response page to the app handshaking is not working

We are facing issue sporadically when handshaking from gateway receipt page to application.

We are using Simple checkout form to capture the payment.
My application registration steps:
1. In the registration process we're saving registration page info in session and redirecting to payment gateway for payment.
2. After the payment, gateway receipt page will submit the payment response to our server page.
3. SafetyNet server will get the registration info from the saved session and complete the registration process.
Issue: When payment response submit from browser, saved session is not able to retrieve as it is creating new session and not able complete the registration process.
*From the application logs:
- We find that session ids are different before redirecting to gateway and after returning from payment receipt page.
- Below is the log snippet

05:34:22,080 INFO RegistrationController:67 - request.getSession().getId() = 3tPf99MnOjCHQyf8RsTLp3h
05:34:22,081 INFO RegistrationController:69 - startpay() - Stored registration page info in session - is new session true
05:35:03,550 INFO RegistrationController:82 - processPay() -- Started!
05:35:03,551 INFO RegistrationController:83 - request.getSession().getId() = AlmCt-EFOtz-5IWiu1gTAp0
05:35:03,633 INFO RegistrationController:99 - Payment info has been saved succesfully!
05:35:03,633 INFO RegistrationController:124 - processPay() -- End!
*Our app URL :
* settings, Default Receipt URL:
Can you please guide us what went wrong our setup.

Thanks in advance !


Hello @nyeddala2

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