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Visa checkout is not working.


I have configured in my magento 2 store using extension. Credit card payment is congiured and it is working fine in live magento store ( I also wanted to allow the Debit card payment and for this we have to enable Visa checkout, So I configured Visa checkout in our test environment with SANDBOX account. But i haven't been able to complete the visa cchekout process. 

In checkout page after completing the Visa checkout page process page doesn't redirect to order success page. Also order is not captured in magento backend. 
I am currently using the sandbox account for staging( server and Live authorize net account for production( server.
I have tested the visa checkout for different test cards and its response is as follows.
Card: Mastercard 5424000000000015
Request Url:
Response string: {"code":500,"status":"INTERNAL","message":"Internal server error. Typically a server bug. The client should report this error to the server team.","details":[]}
Sometimes I get this error and Sometimes I don't get this error when I use mastercard, But once I pass the step of completing the card details I get the error message as follows

Request URL:
Response string: {"code":403,"status":"PERMISSION_DENIED","message":"Access is denied to the requested resource. Client does not have sufficient permission or has been locked.","details":null}
I have also tested with Visa test card details and here I get different types of error in response.
Card: Visa 4111111111111111
Request Url:
Response String: {"code":400,"status":"INVALID_STATE","message":"Request cannot be executed due to incorrect field value.","details":null}

Request Url:
Response String: {"code":400,"status":"INVALID_STATE","message":"Request cannot be executed due to incorrect field value."}
These are the two types of error I have faced. Similarly I have tested for all other available test cards but wasn't able to successfully place the order.