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Some advice on how to secure my affiliate program to best protect my affiliates?

Last year we decided to take our gym's (Here in Johns Creek GA) successful H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training) program virtual. We wanted to offer the same program online to people that we provide our "brick & mortar" clients to people that cant really afford to pay $190+ per month for our gym's membership.

We developed a subscription based program and launched it a few months back. We have a pretty strong social media presence and had a large email list from being in this industry for so long that since our initial launch (and a severe learning curve about online vs. brick & mortar fitness lol ), its been doing extremely well. - close to 800 users

We decided to expand our market reach, so last month we launched our affiliate program. Word has been spreading within the gym community and we have about 50 affiliates (mostly trainers) on board.