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Storing and retrieving credit card details

One of our customers' portals requires a way to store and retrieve credit card numbers and expiration dates for up to 1 year, to pass on to their customers in some special cases. 


It's an online hotel booking website, where a 10% fee is charged at the time of booking and hotels charge the rest on-site when their customers walk in. However, in case of a "no-show", the hotels will need to charge for the first night through their own system, using the credit card information provided during the booking.


From everything I've read on the subject, the CIM would only allow you to charge the same credit card again, but not show the actual credit card details.


If so, any ideas how others are able to do it?


For example, is able to show their hotels/hostels the credit card numbers used in the bookings - did they develop their own custom solution? (with PCI compliance, it could be pretty expensive).


I've heard that there might be some third party credit card storage services - any suggestions?


Thank you very much,


CIM do return the masked CC#(last 4 digit) but currently not the exp date. There are few requests for that and no updated yet.


Thanks. Any other way to retrieve all the details necessary to charge the card? 


I wonder if anyone knows how does it. 

With CIM, you don't need to retrieve all of the credit card information.  Those details are already stored in the payment profile.  To process a payment, you create a new payment transaction from an existing customer profile.   Full details are available in the CIM documentation.



Thanks. The reason to retrieve all CC details is for the hotels to be able to charge the credit card of a "now-show" person through their own system to their own bank account (also in a different country). 


Can the payment be made to another bank account?