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Stuck on a Webhooks issue

My client has a Wordpress site running GiveWP with gateway, hosted at Siteground.

Since we set it up, every few days she gets an email about the webhook failing and is now inactive.  I go into the account and test the webhook, which pings successfully every time, then reset it to active...then in a few days do the process all over again.

I have verified with the hosting they are not blocking the webhook and their logs show as much.

The URL of the endpoint is accessible and GiveWP has verified there is no problem on their end. chat cannot give me any info on why it is happening.  They say there is no way to find out what the specific error is.  The last tech just sent me a link to here and then ended the chat.

Any help would be appreciated as to why this is happening.

Http Webhook stuck on status "Running"
‎04-13-2021 11:29 PM

I am trying to set up a YouTube notification system that connects YouTube to Discord using Webhook.

The notification works, but the flow get stuck on "Running" phase.