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Submitting transaction to a gateway setup for CAD transactions

I've verified through support that it's now possible to setup an gateway to accept payments in Canadian Dollars. In this case, the merchant processor is Global Payments. My question is: do we need to do anything different when we submit a transaction to this gateway vs. submitting a transaction to a "normal" USD gateway? We are using the AIM API.


I don't believe there is a way to specify a currency, so it seems like there is nothing different to do. We send through an "Amount" of 20.00 and depending on the gateway that we send that to, it will either be charged in USD or CAD. Can someone confirm that is the case or if it's not the case, provide some instructions for how to specify the currency? I couldn't find the words "currency, CAD, Canada" anywhere in the AIM API documentation.


Did a search on their main site. It a older version(2008)




Getting a 3,1,39 on my test account. So maybe it something you can't test?

Response Reason Text: The supplied currency code is either invalid, not supported, not allowed for this merchant or doesn’t have an exchange rate.

Integration Team Suggestions: There are two possible causes of this error:

  1. This error may occur if you use the field x_currency_code in your scripting, and you are setting it to a currency code other than "USD". At this time Authorize.Net only supports US currency. In this situation, processing transactions in US dollars should work as expected.
  2. This error may occur when an Authorize.Net Gateway Account is created without a valid Currency ID. In this situation, processing transactions is not possible in either your scripting or through your Virtual Terminal, regardless of the currency you choose.

If you encounter this error even when processing transactions in US dollars, please call the Authorize.Net Inside Sales team at 866-437-0476 and request a new Authorize.Net Gateway Account at no additional cost.


But, given that x_currency_code doesn't exist in the latest documentation, perhaps this doesn't matter anymore. I simply trasmit the x_amount (which is just a number) and it either charges in USD or CAD depending on how the gateway is setup.


Can anyone confirm or correct that?

Hey there,


Currently, as long as Global has configured the account for Canadian currency, then no, there's no additional fields to submit. However, just be aware that as of right now, the Merchant Interface will still show all amounts in USD, not Canadian. The amounts will actually be the CAD amounts, but the interface will still display USD. We're working to get that updated, and we're also working to add additional processors to support Canadian payments. We should have more info on that in the next little while.


Hope that helps.





Developer Community Manager