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Subscription Based Website

I'm having a website created by a developer. He is having a bit of an issue with the hookup for recurring billing. The site works like this:


Tier 1 costs $10.00 and user wants to move to Tier 2 which costs $20.00. The site charges them the difference for that month but continues them on the same 30 day billing period as before and uprades them to Tier 2 for every subsequent month.

We are using the ARB to do this and not the CIM. If anyone is able to point out exactly what he needs to do it would be wonderful. This is the last thing to get my site ready and working, so I'm desperate to have him finish it.

If there is enough reason to move to CIM to do this, please tell me. I can always offer him more money in order to accomplish the site in the way it was intended to work.





The thing that you are looking for is "ARBUpdateSubscription"


You can change the ARB amount, but you can't charge them the difference without their CC#.

CIM will allow you do whatever you need as you have the CC info at, and you can schedule monthly charge or one time charge on your site with the customer payment profile.