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Subscription based process with a twist

I have a subscription based business model with a twist.  A client will subscribe to my service and pay a set dollar amount every month to be part of the society.  No problem, pretty standard stuff.  When the client logs into his/her personal page, he can order certain products.  I need a method whereby the client pays for the product with a credit card but a price that the client pays gets sent to 2 differenct accounts, one account gets 95% of the cost of the product and a second account gets the remaining 5%of the cost of the product.  Can this be accomplished with and standard settings or is this something that needs to be coded (like possibly processing 2 transactions for the client on each purchase)?


I thank you for any insight.


Currently this would have to be completed with 2 different accounts and a transaction processed with the credentials for each separate account.




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