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Subscription with different monthly amounts

We are currently using ARB subscriptions to allow customers to make three EQUAL payments over a three month period. Example:


Subscription total = $1500

Initial Payment = $500

Second Payment = $500

Final Payment = $500


We would like to change the process to allow for different amounts to be charge at different intervals over the subscription.

Subscription total = $1500

Initial Payment = $250

Second Payment = $250

Final Payment = $1000

I've seen conflicting posts saying this can be done using CIM or CIM/ARB combo to achieve this. Can anoyone please outline a clear answerif this is possible. Is this even possible using tools?


Thank you in advance for your time and input!


Hello @eric3171


Recurring billing does not currently support your second scenario, so you must use your own scheduler to submit those transactions.  First create a customer profile, then use the customer profile for payment.



Administrator Administrator

Hi Richard,


We have a prospect urgently asking for a solution with a very similar use case.


Just want to check if this is possible now.

Its been almost 4  years this has been posted.

So, we thought to check it once again.


As this being a prospect,  hope you get the urgency.

So, look forward to hear from you at the earliest.





Yes, you can use a combination of ARB and customer profiles to meet your objectives.  Think of ARB as a schedular that runs on top of customer profiles but does not yet support complex use cases described in this thread.



Hi Richard,


I get your point about the customer profile info, that will change the payment card details used for transaction.


Will we be able to change the Amount when charging for the next billing?
Thats what the primary objective of the Prospect.




@Sourav12_34  With ARB, you cannot change the amount charged.  Instead, you would need to use customer profiles and create your own schedular that would trigger a payment for the correct amount each month.





I mispoke earlier about this, you can in fact change the amount using ARBupdateSubscription and it will charge that amount on the next scheduled transaction date.  You cannot change the schedule.