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Subscriptions w/ Accept Hosted

I'm trying to set up recurring billing using the Accept Hosted feature to collect the user's cc info and billing address.


From my understanding, it's not actually possible to use Accept Hosted to create a subscription. So, what I'm planning on doing is this:


1. Charge the initial month's fee using the Accept Hosted form.

2. Use Create Customer Profile from Transaction API to create a the customer profile.

3. Use the customer profile to set up the subscription.


What I'm stuck on is how do I get from step 1 to step 2. To create a customer profile from a transaction, you need the transaction id. How do I get that transaction id programatically after the Accept Hosted payment goes through? Webhooks?


With Accept Hosted, using an IFrame and your IFrameCommunicator page, on a Request Succeeded, which is returned when the transaction is completed at Authorize.Net, transaction response parameters (such as transaction ID) are returned.

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So the only way to do it is using the IFrameCommunicator page? There's no way to do it using the redirect method?

When not using an IFrame, the continue/return URL buttons when clicked cause the browser to perform a simple GET request to that URL. No other information about the transaction is provided directly.

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