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Accept.js calls stored as transaction before nonce is used?

Does anyone know if doing a call to Accept.js results in a transaction showing in virtual terminal EVEN IF the nonce isn't yet used to process a charge?  


We've done an integration using accept.js to submit card / transaction to appears to be working, returning a 'yes' with a nonce token ID#.  Client plans to use that nonce in a separate step to charge the transaction later/separately.


However, client is saying they don't think the integration is working properly because tests through our API call are not showing up in Virtual Terminal as transactions (like they do if they manually process an 'authorize only' in the Virtual Terminal).


Authnet reps told me (not definitively) that they don't believe a call to accept.js will show until the nonce is used to process the payment.  Anyone knwo if that's right?


Hello @ODIConsulting


You are correct, generating a token/nonce using Accept.js does not generate a transaction, the nonce must be used to create a transaction before it will appear in the Merchant Interface.


It should also be noted that the nonce expires after 15 minutes if not used.



Administrator Administrator

Thanks much.  I'm stuck between my developer and my client with one saying 'done' and other saying 'nope'. sounds like bottom line is that developer STILL needs to take the nonce and submit it back to to do a "authorize only" (client only wants that and will run rest later).


But even in order for it to be a completed transaction as 'authorize only' on the card, we're still missing the step of taking nonce and returning it to Authnet.  Anyone have a sample code snipped I can show to the developer to nudge them along to getting this finished?


I think he's unclear that he wasn't 'done'.!!???


Appreciate the help very much!!!