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Supply Transaction Receipt email address via SIM field, rather than User Profile setting?

I'm creating 3 different payment pages using the SIM interface (with C# on the backend)  


Each page needs to send the transaction receipt email to a different department head in our business. However we don't want every transaction receipt sent to every department head. 


The customer will get a receipt via the x_email field.  Any user profile at with the "Transaction Receipt" option checked will get a copy as well.    However, I'd lke to add an additional email recipient as the transaction is processed.  


Is there a way to do this via the SIM API?




nope. probably could just send it in c#.


Can you include more than one email via the x_email field?  Delimited by commas, or semicolons, or something like that?

Not that I know of, you could centainly try different delimited and see if it works.