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Noob questions on CIM

I'm just now starting on integrating our card processing to use CIM - it looks really great!


I only have a couple questions, thanks in advance for your help! I've looked through the CIM pdf download and haven't seen these items addressed there.


1. On auth capture (and similar) there is a "taxExempt" boolean. Is that for tax-exempt organization charges (like 501(c)3), or does that indicate the purchase itself isn't subject to taxation (like an Internet sale)?


2. We have a monthly membership, we're using the CIM to have members store their payment profiles and then we charge them on their renewal date. We're managing the "recurring billing", but technically this is still a recurring bill (from the business perspective). Should recurringBilling on auth capture (and similar) be true or false? I'm guessing "false", but just want to make sure.


3. We pay a commission for membership referrals. We let the commissions accumulate through the month, then deduct that from the member's monthly dues. Does it matter if on auth capture we have a item indicating the credit and show the membership as full price, the credit being subtracted from the membership to get the "total", or just one item for the membership with the lower cost?


4. And probably the most business-impacting question. If a member has more in commissions than his membership cost he'll obviously be due money. I see there's an option to do unlinked credit (if approved for expanded credit return capabilities). Is this the "right" way to do this, or should our company find other means to pay out commissions?




1)Not 100% sure, but I think it just informational only, it doesn't really do anything.

2)same as 1)

3)all they care is the total amount. any line item is again informational only.

4)while it is possible to use unlinked credit that way, it is probably not the right way to do that, ask your merchant bank to find a better solution.