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Switch Live account CNP

Good Morning,

We have been working with a client that has a Retail(brick & mortar) store and their authorize account is set to Card Present. We are wondering if we can simply switch it to use both CP and Card NOT present? Or do we have to ask them create a whole new account to handle CNP transactions from their new ecommerce site? 

If they have to have a new account can they be linked to each other? 

Thanks for any help you cna provide. 


PS. Have been googling all morning and all the articles I find are from 2013 so just looking to get an up to date answer. Thanks again. 


Hello @brandography123


Depending on when the account was created, you may need to create a new gateway account that supports both CP and CNP transactions.  I would recommend your client contact customer support by phone to discuss their options.  They can reach CS 24x7 at 877-447-3938.



Administrator Administrator

Thanks @RichardH


 I will send that number to my client.