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Test API Account Issues



I have a sonewhat strange situation.  I am wokring for a client in the US intergrating into his POS system and as well intergating CIM for reoccuring customers.  I have a project that I completed and everything works 100% including creating the Customer Profile in the CIM.

I am using my sandbox test API Login account that I obtained a few weeks ago.


My clent gets the project I developed for him, unzips it and runs it.  All works 100% just like things did at my end prior to sending him the project and my testing was extensive.


He goes to and requests his own API Login Test Account and received the email reply from and the only change made in the project is to substitute my test API Login account and Transaction key for his.


Now when trying to process any CC tranaction the XML reply still shows OK and successful, however the CC authorization ID and tranaction code comes back a 000000 and nothing.


Using my API Login ID you get what is shown below in the response. <authCode>N40DAR</authCode> and



Using my Clients you get what is shown below in his response.

<authCode>000000</authCode> and


Your test API Login account is not returning valid numbers.



So in his case every authorization code always returns 6 zeros and never returns a transaction number.


The plot thickens.  Using another test API login account created for another customer of mine down in Naples, Florida; his works just like mind and returns valid authorization codes and valid transactions numbers.  Put the other offending account login and password back in and back to invalid returns.  I must add that although not receiving valid authorization numbers and tranaction numbers the XLM return response clearly returns in the resonse: Ok, successful and a return code of I00001  It even returns This transaction has veen approved.


Ok, here we go.  A solid day of testing and trying all kinds of things in debugging and dumping resonses to disk in files to read then, break points all through the project in the CC processing code and nothing wrong.


Then this morning we change the offending test API login from Test mode to Live mode and this account now works 100% as it should.  Change it back into Test mode and we are back into the issus all over again.


So my question after a good day of time lost on this one, why is this happening to this one test API Login account and not the other two?




Live and learn I guess.

Somewhere in the articles it says this, but did not jump out at me until you provided me the link where I read:

Transactions that are run in the production environment in Test Mode are not stored anywhere and will return a transaction ID of zero. There will be no history of them. However, transactions run in the sandbox is available in the transaction history, which is another reason why a sandbox  is the recommended method of testing.


I found the Live and Test setting on my test API login account and it was set to Live, but I never went in here to change it after obtaining the login... so I was incorrect as I assumed the default installation was test mode.  In talking again with my client he indeed did go in and change his into test mode so I had it backwards.  He changed into test mode the first time he logged into the sandbox and that is why his account was failing and mine was working.  Stupid me, I had what I thought I had backwards. lol



Hello @psass


We know that this can be confusing and plan to deprecate test mode in the API.  If you want to validate API Login and Transaction Key credentials, you can use the authenticateTestRequest method below.  This will be added to the API Reference soon.




Sample Request:
Sample Successful Response:
Sample Error Response:
         <text>User authentication failed due to invalid authentication values.</text>