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Thinking about converting from SIM to DPM.

I originally opted for the SIM method because it seemed like the safest choice based on my experience level.  Now that I've gotten a little bit more comfortable, I'm thinking about switching to DPM.  I've reviewed the DPM .pdf guide and I don't really see any big differences between DPM and SIM as far as integration goes.  If I already have SSL set up, a receipt page, and a SIM form that displays itemized order entries, freight, tax, etc. should converting to DPM be pretty straightforward?  Would DPM basically take the SIM form and set it within a page on my site?


Thanks in advance. 


Also, If anyone knows of any DPM examples floating around on the web, it'd be awesome to see a few to get an idea of what DPM actualy looks and functions like.


They are almost the same, other then the CC#, exp date, ccv code, And yes DPM is basically take the SIM from from to your own site.


DPM basiclly function like SIM, and you can copy the look from SIM or just go to any web retail and 'borrow' their look and feel.