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To Test ARB Cancellation

I would like to test the subscription cancellation.


If I use my live account and set X_test_request =TRUE  will I be able to test the ARB Subscription &  Cancellation.Does Cancellation send response to Slient Post URL.If so ,what parameter should i look for in the post data .


Thank you in Advance for your valuable response




You must use an Authorize.Net developer account (test account) to test ARB transactions. You may apply for a test account here:


Thank You!

Trusted Contributor
Trusted Contributor

Hi   lokeskumarn,


             Instead of using the live account and setting the parameter X_test_request=true
to test cancellation of subscripton ,you may create the test account and download
the sample code from john conde's site.This makes your subscription cancellation easier.

Thanks and Regards,

Priya Stella Mary
Trinay Technology Solutions

I’m using this code with an authorize sandbox account and I’m successfully getting a subscription ID returned (so, a successful transaction). Yet when I view “unsettled” transactions in my account, under the “Recurring Billing Transaction” field, I’m seeing a “no”. Does this mean it did not work (and gave false success reports) or simply that the sandbox dev account/that screen does not reflect ARBs?


If the latter is true, where do I check to be double sure that the ARB went through? Not even my email confirmations say that I enabled ARB, so I’m just scared its not actually happening. I want to nail this, obviously, before I deploy the app.

It is actually expected behavior that the "Recurring Billing" flag is set to false for the first transaction generated by an ARB subscription.  Despite the obvious simularity in name of the Recurring Billing flag" and  the Automated Recurring Billing (ARB) system, they are not actually directly related.  The Recurring Billing flag is an informational flag sent to the payment processor to inform them that this is is a recurring transaction and that you have previously validated the payment information.  The use of the flag often causes a change in behavior at the processor such as disabling Address Verification.  For the first transaction generated by ARB, it is not appropriate to send this flag as true because the payment information has (presumably) not yet been validated.  You should see it set as true for all following transactions unless you update the billing information in the subscription.