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To clarify on why TSYS merchants only applicable for tip option with InPersonSDK?

Hi Developers,


Subject : Need to clarify on why TSYS merchants only applicable for tip option with InPersonSDK? and more details behind processing transactions

I have worked on InPersonSDK to integrate with our mobile application in Android platform. I found only TSYS merchants are applicable for tip options in readme file from sample github project. What will be the effects if we use chase payment services and use tip options. Here are my queries listed below:

1. Will tip amount be charged for any processing fee and is TSYS merchants are exceptional for processing fee?


2. Will tip amount be credited to merchants account in specific to other than TSYS merchants, For example, Chase payment services?


3. Is there any possibility to configure for the tip amount to credit in TSYS merchant account and total amount to credit in Chase payments merchant account?


4.Need to know that InPersonSDK does support for, if in-case card not read from PoS device and in such situation, to enable user to enter payment details and card holder details manually?


5. And if card reads successfull, will be the Entry Mode be "Swiped"?


Thanks in advance for your time and feedbacks.


Best regards,

Niranjanadevi R S


Hi @niranjanadrs,

" is certified to process a Tip amount added after authorization when TSYS is the processor. For other processors, the tip must be passed with the initial authorization".

Please refer to @jebrick response in the below post for more details.


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Hello @MansourH 


Thanks for your answer.


I think I have to clarify you state that merchants bank account will be deposited with tips even it is not have TSYS processer. 


If I am wrong, please guide. Because, I have to provide tips option and merchants bank account needs to be deposited and is there any processing fee?


Thoughts from all geeks are appreciated!





Best regards,

Niranajnadevi R S