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Transaction Details API and ACH Nacha Return codes.

I am revewing the Transaction Details API and I cannot seem to find out where I can listing of transactions that have returned / and or chargebacked with the corresponding NACHA code. Is that information available via the Transaction Details API or just the web interface?


You aren't overlooking anything, there is currently no way to retrive eCheck return details through the transaction details API.  It is necessary to log in and review these returns through the web interface.

Administrator Administrator

Is there any chance that this will be added in the future? It's annoying right now because ACH transactions come back as succesful but then subsequently are rejected and put into this 'Returns' report. In the meantime we've started services for customers that we haven't even been paid for. It's awfully time consuming for someone to have to go check this report by hand and then take the action by hand to cancel services to these users. Seems like you need to open up this report through the api or not return 'success' for ACH transactions that arent successful.

This is big problem for us as well. Manual intervation is not expected in case of automated recurring eCheck payment. To review each return from old transactions is to big process.

I agree, is there still no update to this limitation?

It seems like you could use getSettledBatchListRequest with statistics and find all batches that have eCheck returns.  Then look at those batches using getTransactionListRequest for the transactions that are eCheck returns.  On each of the eCheck returnedItem transactions, you'd have to look at the Reference Transaction ID to find the original transaction.  The biggest problem is that I don't see how to generate a NSF eCheck return to test this!  Ugh!  Does anyone know if this would work?