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Transactions Details API: returnedItem Transaction

When I run a "GetTransactionDetails" on a returnedItem transaction that was a returned eCheck, it does not have the original transaction ID in the response.  Does anyone know if there is there a way to associate the returnedItem transaction to the original eCheck transaction?  When looking in my Authorize.Net account under Reports->Returns, it show the original transaction ID, but I am unable to find that via the Transaction Details API.  Am I missing something somewhere?  Let me know if you need more details, code examples, response examples, etc.


It not in the refTransID field?


As far as I can tell, the refTransID field is only returned for refund transactions, and indeed it is not included with the response on a returnedItem transaction.

I am so frustrated right now!  I hate when companies go to a "Community" support instead of doing real support with people who would actually be able to anser my questions.  I would love to be able to get a real answer from Authorize.Net, but it appears they either do not provide support for their integrations (which is pretty much what their business is!), or they do a really good job of hiding the contact us form.


Hi pristine,


I've passed your question onto our product team, but don't have an answer yet.

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I have the same issue. Is this fixed now?