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Trying to create open payment field



We are trying to create a payment page with simply an open payment field for our customer to pay their bills.'s Simple Checkout shopping cart seems to achieve that with the only problem that we have to set it up as a Donation which in turn results in the comment "Donation Amount" being placed over the "amount" field in the 2nd instance of the check out process. It does not seem right to have to look for a whole new third party shopping cart just toremove the word "Donation". Could someone please help us with the custom code for such a payment page? We tried to tweak a sample code page but without luck.

Thank you!



Hi Andre,


Unfortunately, there is no way to edit the words "Donation Amount" at this time. However, we've heard from more than a couple of people who've indicated that this would be a good thing to be able to do, and I have passed that feedback on to our development teams.





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Hey Andre, 


We have updated the page so that "Donation" is no longer there if you're only using the specify amount feature of the donation button. More info can be found here.





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I am an ISO for a processor and I set up a Ecommerce account for a business and used the simple check out since there are only a couple of items they sell.

I also am having a bit of trouble setting up an open amount field and I saw this post. I am unable to find a donation or anything else that allows for the open field.

Can you help me go through the process to get the upload code for this merchants website. Thanks


EVO Texas

On the Add/Edit Simple Checkout Item screen.

Type need to be Donation. And check the checkbox for "Allow donors to specify the amount they wish to donate"

Save the item and probably "Edit Appearance" to change the button.