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Trying to get PHP code to charge a credit card

Please can somebody help me? We are a small non-profit. Our HTML donation page needs the PHP code to charge credit cards. The code in the PHP developer's area here requires vendor/autoload.php and constants/SampleCodeConstants.php. I cannot find those files anywhere. I don't have the time (or intelligence) to figure out how Composer works.

If I can just get the complete PHP code for charging a credit card, with the dependent files, I can move forward and debug it, etc. If someone could help me get that I would be soooo grateful! (Our old interface code was written in CGI and Perl and recentlly stopped working, so we can't get donations.)


I tried it too much but still facing lots of problems and having so many errors that are showing in the end can you guys have any suggestions of article about it here because i trued to manage it by the best options that was in my mind