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Tutorial for API testing

Hi all, currently I'm doing manual testing at a startup and my manager wants me to start learning how to write code to test our API, which I am grateful for the opportunity. I do have some Python experience through online tutorials but I've never wrote code for testing before, specifically API testing. Does anyone know a good tutorial for this or can show me, for example, a simple example of testing Twitter's API? Apologies if I've messed up on any semantics and thanks in advance.


You can get all tutorial for api and tech news apdates through whatsapp group . It is soo easy now   

Some of the common tests we perform on APIs are as follows.

  • To verify whether the return value is based on the input condition. The response of the APIs should be verified based on the request.
  • To verify whether the system is authenticating the outcome when the API is updating any data structure
  • To verify whether the API triggers some other event or request another API
  • To verify the behavior of the API when there is no return value


Advantages of API Testing:

  • API Testing is time effective when compared to GUI Testing. API test automation requires less code so it can provide faster and better test coverage.
  • API Testing helps us to reduce the testing cost. With API Testing we can find minor bugs before the GUI Testing. These minor bugs will become bigger during GUI Testing. So finding those bugs in the API Testing will be cost-effective to the Company.
  • API Testing is language independent.
  • API Testing is quite helpful in testing Core Functionality. We can test the APIs without a user interface. In GUI Testing, we need to wait until the application is available to test the core functionalities.
  • API Testing helps us to reduce the risks.

I use postman for these sort of things, and I found their online documentation to be super good. They also have a tutorial the first time you install it, guiding you on how to test a basic omegle  shagle  GET I think.

Give it a try!