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Unable to enable PayPal in authnet sandbox: always errors

I have tried about 10X now to enable PayPal in Here is what happens each time:


  1. Go to
  2. Go to Digital Payment Solutions
  3. Click Sign Up
  4. Click Grant Permissions button
  5. I am taken to a paypal sandbox login screen. I login successfully with my paypal sandbox seller account.
  6. I am allowed into Paypal's sandbox and there is a gold Grant Permission button. I click it.
  7. I am redirected back to Authnet's sandbox (to the same Digital Payment Solutions section), and at the top of the paypal section it says: "There has been an error while processing your request. Please try again."

I tried this about 5X in Chrome. Then I opened Firefox, cleared all cache, deleted all cookies, and did the entire process over again. Same error. Tried 2-3 more times in firefox. Always the same error.


I have no idea what else to try. Help.


I am also facing exact same issue. If you find solution can you share with me ?




We are also facing this same issue since 10/2 and have yet to get a response from anyone in support. 


This has been an issue for some time. A fix is expected very soon.


Give it a try now

I just came back and tried this again. Still breaks, but different message. After clicking Sign Up, entering my paypal sandbox seller credentials, and submit, I get a dead page:


This site can’t be reached


Check if there is a typo in


If spelling is correct, try running Windows Network Diagnostics.


So I went back and tried once more, this time changing the paypal url (initiated by authnet) to remove the "3" in the address, and it seemed for a moment to work. Completed the process, but got an error - didn't capture it, forgot. So I tried the whole process again, from the top, and I'm right back to the same errror as originally posted.


Thank you for the detailed instructions. I removed the "3" from the link that was provided by and I was able to grant permission successfully. I now see "Pending" for PayPal under Digital Payment Solutions.

I m facing the same issue can anyone help me solve this thing 



i am facing the same issue.

can anyone help me here.