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Unable to log into Sandbox account after creating it.

I have a live Gateway account.  I want to create a Sandbox account for our staging server.  I've gone to the page for creating a Sandbox account, it is here:


I filled it out, accepted the terms and submitted it.  I get the "Your Sandbox Account is Now Active" email.  I then try to log into the new Sandbox account using the credentials I just provided when creating the account.  I get:


"You entered an incorrect username or password."


Ok, so I'm thinking I could do a password reset.  I submit the password reset and I never received the reset email.


I've created 4 different accounts with 3 different email addresses and in 3 different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer) and all give the same result.


I've talked with live chat twice, they directed me to  They say the accounts were locked, they unlock and say try again.  I do that, same results, "You entered an incorrect username or password." and password reset email never comes.


They say to contact live support (which I already did, they sent me to, and now they are now ignoring my messages.

Where do I go from here?


Are you typing a space after your username? And they really shouldn’t send you to the developer
forum over your username and password.
All Star

I've been very careful in the process.  I'm not adding any spaces.


And they didn't send me here.  I came here because I keep being ignored or being told to contact people I've already talked to, you know, the old, I contact live support, "oh, that's a issue", I contact, "oh, contact live support, that's their issue". 


The main issue is, when creating a Sandbox account, the credentials are immediately invalid.  Why is that?



That's what I was saying. Live support shouldn't have sent you here. They should be able to handle this issue. Either way, it isn't a big deal. I've never had this issue with the sandbox.  Other than typing a space when you enter your username or password on the login screen, I am at a loss as to why this would happen to you.


Could you set up an account and post a sample password you use for it? It may be that you use some nonstandard character that is throwing off the hash on's end. That's a wild guess but this is a very strange issue. 

@Renaissance - rather than me trying to create a Sandbox account and posting the username and password that won't work it would be nice if someone else could do it and post it here (or post if they were able to login right after creating the test account).


Again, the issue is, I create a Sandbox test account here:


After I complete the registration.  I get an email saying the Sandbox account was created.  I then go to login to the Sandbox account with the credentials that I just supplied here:


And I get "You entered an incorrect username or password."


So the account I JUST created, the credentials are invalid.


Is this happening to anyone else?