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Update ARB with new due date

Hi there..


We are building a system which uses ARB to charge users for their montly membership..


Now we try to implement the function to upgrade the membership, so after that we need to update the amount the user gets charged and the date to match their new membership,  so they won't be double charged. 


Knowing that we can't update the start date I assume we have to cancel the previous ARB and create a new one.. But how we can do that when we don't store credit card information?


I use CIM to store customer info, but I guess there is no option to have CIM work with ARB.. Not to offend, but it seems kind of lame. What is the problem? We could simply pass in a customerProfileId and paymentProfileId with our ARB request and let it populate automatically from the saved profile.


How can I update the start date and ARB without having the credit card info?


I also don't want to use CIM with my own scheduling and doing it manually, because it's kind of a burden for me right now to write scripts because I'm not sure of the reliablity of the server. I would like to have it through ARB and let it be done automatically.




Hello @minlite13 ;


You are correct that ARB and CIM do not currently interoperate as you desire.  I've forwarded your suggestion to our product team for consideration in a future release.



Administrator Administrator

I'm having a similar problem, but want to update the monthly amount. Why isn't there a way to retrieve existing Subscriptions by subscriptionId?