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Using SIM, switched servers


We switched to a bigger server. We connected our domain to it. Now *some* customers are getting a message, "An error occurred while trying to report this transaction to the merchant. An e-mail has been sent to the merchant informing them of the error. The following is the result of the attempt to charge your credit card. This transaction has been approved. It is advisable for you to contact the merchant to verify that you will receive the product or service." The transaction is authorized but not captured.

I checked with support. They said the problem was in the relay response. I thought it was strange because I never had needed the link before now. I put the link into the relay response field in the merchant settings Relay response field. The response/receipt URL's are both blank. Now, the response from is "The following errors have occurred. (14) The referrer, relay response or receipt link URL is invalid."

Does anyone know what is happening now that we are on a different server?

Does anyone know how to fix it?


If you put the URL in the merchant account settings, it will valid that with x_relay_URL, if it doesn't match you will get the error 14.

Maybe your server is having issue? When did the switch happened?