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Using renewed CC with same number but different exp date results in General Error

Hi there, I have a serious issue with processing credit cards lately. We use ARB to handle subscriptions, when a customer has a subscription and his credit card expire we just block his access to our website. When he updates his CC details we cancel his current subscription and we start a new one, but we have an issue when our customer have a renewed credit card with the same number, but different expiration date - we then get a "General Error", and status: Suspended. Customers say that they have a "credit card expired" error when they try to enter their new CC details for the first time, but it works when they try again. Unfortunatelly it only pass the validation and on daily batch we get General Error again. The error is of course wrong, because our customers use new CC details. The problem I see is someone caches CC data and when the CC number is the same as in the cached data it just does not check the new exp. date, but just takes the old one. I contacted Authorize and First Data (our payment processor) about this issue, and after few tries and few hours of talk in total with both companies all I know is that they blame each other for the error. I'm confused, some of them has to be wrong. Did anyone have the same issue maybe? Can anyone help me here or maybe give me any idea what can I do?


Hello @dzafel


It would help to know more about your system, how it is integrated, is it using an SDK or API, etc.



Administrator Administrator

We create ARB subscriptions, we use official PHP SDK to make API calls ( but with old coding method, so:


$subscription = new AuthorizeNet_Subscription;
$subscription->name = htmlspecialchars($name, ENT_QUOTES | ENT_XML1);
$request = new AuthorizeNetARB;
$response = $request->createSubscription($subscription);

 Thank you for any help. The error message our clients sometimes have is:

The test transaction was not successful. (8) The credit card has expired.

We use live mode, live API keys, we're not in test mode.

Did you ask support to see which exp date it is using on the fail transaction?


Also have you try doing that thru the merchant account interface just to make sure it is not a coding issue?

I asked about the dates, the answer I got was:

We aren't able to see the Expiration date information on our end as well. PCI compliance can't view dates

they also agreed that all I can do is to call First Data again and ask them about the dates they got from


It's very time-consuming (and also money-losing because our customers still can't pay), took few hours to reach a technical department so far, waiting for a phone call from them.


I can't test it through a merchant interface, I don't have any CC like that and our customers won't give me their CC to test for sure. But anyway I don't think this could be the coding issue, generated XML for API calls is good, with correct exp date.

Hello @dzafel

I've reported your issue to a sales engineer for assistance.

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