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Validate New CIM Payment Profile

I have just begun testing my app in 'liveMode' using the C# CIM SDK.


I was under the impression that adding a new credit card with an incorrect expiration or cvv would throw an error in liveMode because it is invalid.


However I am able to create new credit cards with invalid combinations of card number, expiration, and/or cvv.


I can even successfully create Authorization only transactions. I do not receive an error until I try to create an AuthoirizationAndCapture transaction, because it gets declined.


I don't want to have to create a new payment profile, perform an AuthorizationAndCapture on it, and delete the payment profile if it is declined or void the transaction if it goes through everytime a new payment profile is created.


What am I doing wrong? What is the proper way to validate a new CIM Payment Profile?


When you add/update the payment profile is validationMode set to livemode? That would create a test auth_only transaction to test the CC info.


Not sure how you were able to get it to accept an auth_only but not auth_and_capture. Unless you did it with a real credit card with limit credit, and it just ran out of credit after your auth_only transaction.